language 日本語 English

education NITTC 3D
major Electronic engineering

home-lab TSUKUDANI NETWORK AS59105 via IPv4

platforms Debian FreeBSD AOSP LineageOS Windows

who am i?

I'm a junior student at National Institute of Technology, Tokyo College, majoring in Electronic engineering.

I build home servers and experimental networks as a hobby.

My shell environment is built with Zsh, Neovim and SKK.
I especially like SKK.

my playlist!

I like TPS and FPS games. I also like to play games of Kojima Productions.

I'm also a Producer of The Idolmaster series.
(765, Cinderella)

tps, fps METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN Death Stranding I like Kojima's works.
Titanfall 2 Battlefield V
simulation Cities: Skylines MSFS 2020 shapez.io
and... THE IDOLM@STER series!!